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The Path of Easy Company - 2022

A fourteen-day tour starting with the invasion beaches and landing objectives of Normandy, across into Holland for a study of Easy's role in Operation Market Garden, followed by a trip into the Ardennes to revisit its role in the Battle of the Bulge, a stop in Nuremberg in the spirit of "Why We Fight," and a grand finale at the ruins of Hitler's house and the Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden.

September 12 - 25, 2022


DAY ONE:  Monday, September 12

Travel day.  Depart from various destinations in the USA for Paris, France.

DAY TWO:  Tuesday, September 13

Coordinated morning flights arrive into Charles de Gaulle. 


We'll link up in the lobby of the nearby Hilton Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to allow for people to relax while others arrive.  We'll do our best to get free and clear of the notorious Paris traffic and stop for lunch at in route to Normandy, once we are out of the city limits.

After arriving in Normandy, we'll dive right into the D-Day story, beginning with Pegasus Bridge and the first home liberated in Operation Overlord, Café Gondré.  We'll then tour a command bunker in Ouistreham to get a feel of the defenses of Hitler's famed Atlantic Wall.  Next, we'll head to Sword Beach to discuss the role of Lord Lovat and his Commandoes, before heading west to Arromanches to gaze upon the remnants of the Mulberry Harbor which still sits in the water, seventy-eight years later!

We'll get checked into our hotel soon after and get an early dinner, as you will be ready for a much needed sleep!  



DAY THREE:  Wednesday, September 14


An "Easy" day...  We'll head over to historic St. Mere Eglise to visit the Airborne Museum and set the tone for the rest of the day.  We'll spend some time enjoying the various museum buildings and displays, finishing with an obligatory stop at the famous church, which still has a paratrooper mannequin hanging from the bell tower.


We'll then hit several nearby spots where the men of Easy landed, visit the crash site and memorial to LT. Meehan’s Stick #66, and from there head to Ravenoville and the famous Marmion Farm - where many of the men of Easy began forming up after being scattered due to mis-drops.

Like the men of Easy, we’ll then migrate towards Causeway #2 and St. Marie du Mont, stopping at the site of the "wagon ambush."  We'll then visit the locations to discuss the events surrounding the Brécourt Manor gun battery assault, prominently featured in Episode Two. We’ll also visit the statue of Dick Winters and take a walk along Utah Beach and take in the various monuments and sights.


We'll head to a nearby village for a meal and time to unwind after a very full day.


DAY FOUR:  Thursday, September 15

After breakfast, we’ll kick off the day by heading to the small hamlet of Holdy where the ‘sister battery’ to Brécourt was located. We’ll discuss the desperate action that unfolded around that position, and once done, head over to the Command Post site of the 506th Regiment at Culoville.


From there, we’ll take leisurely drive to visit the peaceful hamlet of Angoville au Plain and its famous church, and then it’s off to the renowned Dead Man’s Corner Museum.


We’ll follow that up in Carentan, following Easy's route of advance and visiting related sites along the way. We’ll close out the touring day by visiting the area where the “Bloody Gulch” fight took place on 13 June 1944.  This action was key to the battle for holding Carentan and maintaining the link between Utah and Omaha Beach.


To put a cap on an amazing day of touring, we’ll go back to our hotel and then out for dinner.


Dead Man's Corner Museum_edited.jpg

DAY FIVE:  Monday, September 16

After breakfast, we'll start the day at Pointe du Hoc, strolling around the massive gun batteries and shell craters at the objective seized by Rudder and his Rangers.  There will be plenty of visible signs of the vicious battle that was waged here on D-Day and the days beyond, from deep bomb craters to massive, battered bunkers, riddled with direct hits from naval gunfire.  While the guns had been moved, it was still a formidable objective, and the battle for this strategic spot lasted for two brutal days of combat.


Then we’ll head over to Omaha Beach, before we visit the cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer to pay respects to the men who died in this important operation.  The cemetery is located on a bluff overlooking Omaha Beach and the English Channel. It covers 172.5 acres and contains the remains of 9,388 American military dead, most of whom were killed during the invasion of Normandy and ensuing military operations in World War II. Included are graves of Army Air Corps crews shot down over France as early as 1942 and four American women. Notable gravestones will include the Niland brothers (whose story sparked "Saving Private Ryan"), General Roosevelt and his younger brother Quentin - killed in WWI, and one "Salty" Harris, former NCO of Easy Company who was KIA as a pathfinder, landing ahead of the big airborne drop.

Once we finish up at the cemetery, we’ll make the drive to Bruges, Belgium.  We'll make a stop or two along the way, as there are several key locations of military significance as we head towards Belgium. 


Upon arriving into Bruges, you'll have the afternoon to relax and enjoy the food, beer, and gorgeous sights of one of Europe's most beloved old cities.  Once one of the most prosperous cities in Europe, it was cut off from the sea and ended up becoming frozen in time.  It's a remarkable preservation of the Old World.  It will be a welcome reset after our time in Normandy, with our next leg focusing on Operation Market Garden in the Netherlands.


DAY SIX:  Saturday, September 17

After breakfast at our hotel and a bit of time in the morning for some final shopping and sight-seeing in Bruges, we’ll load our bags into the vans, and strike east for Eindhoven.

Upon arrival into this key objective city for the 101st Airborne during Operation Market Garden, we'll drop bags at our hotel and allow everyone a quick break to freshen up/unpack. 

We'll then head off to explore the landing sites and paths of advance by the 506th into the city. Sites such as the Son Drop Zone, the Bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal, St. Catherine’s Church, the Dommel River Bridges, and the railroad tracks where Easy advanced through the city, are all prominent landmarks for Easy and the 506th.

With a very full day and night ahead of us, we’ll finish up relatively early so that everyone can enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Eindhoven, with its many options for dinner and drinks.  Our hotel is in a prime location for all to take advantage.



DAY SEVEN:  Sunday, September 18

After breakfast at our hotel, we’ll load up and head onto the route commonly referred to as Hell’s Highway.  Our destination is what came to be known as “The Island."  This sliver of land between the Rhine and Waal rivers was where Easy was sent to help contain German forces in October and November of 1944.


We’ll spend time at Schoonderlogt, the site of the 2d Battalion HQ, where then-Captain Winters took his well-known photograph standing near the arch heading into the farm’s courtyard.  After that, we’ll take a short ride to visit two small fields between the towns of Heteren and Randwijk. It was there that Easy fought the “Crossroads” battle, where a reinforced platoon of Easy Company troopers destroyed the better part of an SS battalion.

After lunch we'll head over to the city of "A Bridge Too Far."  Once in Arnhem, we'll view the famous location of the bridge (since replaced) and see some of the scars of the battle.  Afterwards, we'll head over to the Hartenstein Hotel, where the British Airborne set up their command base.  It's now an amazing airborne museum, and you'll have time to learn more about this final objective and discuss Easy's role in helping evacuate them from the far bank of the Rhine.

By mid afternoon, we'll head back to Eindhoven to drop off the vehicles, rest up a bit, and grab an early meal.


Tonight will be the celebration of Liberation Day, and there will be a parade and ceremonies on the very day that the 101st liberated Eindhoven, seventy-five years ago...  


DAY EIGHT:  Monday, September 19

Travel day...

We've got two final stops for you in the Netherlands, before we head south into the Ardennes to learn about the Battle of the Bulge and Easy's role in it.

Our first stop will be the massive war museum in Overloon.  This has one of the largest collections of armored vehicles, as well as giant display cases of weapons, field guns, dioramas of fighting positions, etc.  You will thoroughly enjoy this visit, and we'll allow ample time for you to walk through the various halls and examine the wide array of weaponry and military vehicles.

Our final tribute to the fighting in Market Garden will be at the most fitting place imaginable:  the American Cemetery at Margraten.  We'll pay respects at the graves of several members of Easy Company and reflect upon all we've seen and learned of Operation Market Garden in the past two days in Holland.

By mid-afternoon, we'll head south into the heart of the Ardennes and arrive at our lovely hotel, nestled in a quiet little village.  Enjoy a walk around the property or sit out on the terrace and enjoy a few Belgian beers, before being treated to a first class dining experience at the hands of a master chef.  This is one of our favorite hotels in Europe, and you'll soon see why...



DAY NINE:  Tuesday, September 20

The Battle of the Bulge...

We'll spend a very full day covering the Battle of the Bulge and delving into the story of Easy Company's contributions to the defense and counter-attack against this last great German offensive on the Western Front in WWII.

We'll check out of our hotel and head over to the massive American memorial at Mardasson and then visit the adjacent Bastogne War Museum  for a couple of hours to gain a full overview of the battle.

After lunch in Bastogne, we'll turn our full attention to Easy Company.  We'll head over to the Easy Company Memorial at Halt Station, a spot that marked the unit boundary between the 501st Parachute Infantry and 2d Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry, and saw heavy fighting in December 1944.  We'll then proceed over to the foxholes of the Bois Jacques and walk among them and discuss this chapter of Easy's WWII campaign.  


From there, we'll make the short drive to Foy and look at routes that Easy took during their assault on the town. We’ll stand where Shifty Powers took out a German sniper, see where 3d Battalion medics maintained an aid station until overrun by German forces, and see the field where Easy took cover behind several haystacks as they moved into the town.


Once we finish in Foy, we’ll head up to Noville. From the center of town, we’ll examine how Easy advanced and helped seize this small village.  Depending on time and energy, we have a few other spots to examine.

We'll then head back to our hotel, which is perched on an outcrop overlooking a small river valley and surrounding forests and hills for another delicious four course meal and a peaceful night of rest.


DAY TEN:  Wednesday, September 21

Today will be dedicated to all things Bastogne, but not necessarily “Easy Company”. After breakfast, we’ll start out the day at the Bastogne Barracks - the HQ of the 101st Airborne during the fighting. 

After spending some time touring some memorable locations within the city proper, we’ll pause to enjoy a first class meal at one of our favorite restaurants in Europe (the entrance is an old rail car).  


Bellies full, we'll head to the "X" Crossroads where the 101st Airborne's Medical Company was captured in the early hours of the Battle of the Bulge, a debilitating loss of critical medical personnel that would impact the Division throughout the duration of the battle.  


Our last stop of the touring day will be at village of Assenois, where Patton's 4th Armored Division finally broke through the German lines to link up with Screaming Eagles of the 326th Airborne Engineers, thus ending the siege of the beleaguered town and it's defenders.

Once we finish up this full day of touring, we’ll head back to our hotel in Marcourt for a few rounds of drinks on the panoramic outdoor deck and a delicious four-course farewell meal.



DAY ELEVEN:  Thursday, September 22

Travel day...

Finished with our study of the Battle of the Bulge, we'll load up mid-morning and make a five and a half hour drive into Germany for the final segment of our tour.

We'll have one very memorable break in the drive, as we'll head over to the Luxembourg American Cemetery to visit the grave of one General George S. Patton.  We'll also visit the graves of several notable and deeply loved Easy men and pay tribute to their sacrifices.

In line with the "Why We Fight" Episode, we'll visit the famous Nazi Party rally grounds, and then head to our hotel to drop bags in this famed German city.  Much of it was heavily destroyed, as the Allies settled the score with the German heartland, but it still has a magnificent fortress wall around it and remnants of the old world to enjoy.

We'll head out for a group orientation walk before turning you loose to get dinner and drink beer.  You'll love Nuremberg as a first experience in Germany.  It has a distinct Medieval feel and a genuine warmth to it.


DAY TWELVE:  Friday, September 23

After breakfast and a mid-morning check-out, we'll load into vans and head down towards Munich and then east along the northern edge of the Alps, until we turn south and head through a mountain pass for Berchtesgaden.

We have a few things planned for our final two days here, but one is completely dependent upon weather:  the Eagle's Nest.  Due to its altitude, we will have to take full advantage of a lack of clouds.  Whether that afternoon is clear or the following day is better, we'll build the rest of the schedule around this feature of the tour.  

Other stops will include the hard-to-find remnants of Hitler's Berghof, which Easy occupied.  We'll even take a bunker tour and get a feel for this memorable part of WWII history, discussing the tales and antics of Easy's well-earned rest at the end of a brutal world war.

There are other hidden military history gems, but equally important is this: it is the final day and a half of the tour.  We want you to relax and enjoy yourselves as much as possible.

There are some excellent outdoor hikes to enjoy, a boat trip on a pristine lake that is ringed by mountains, a salt mine tour, a great town with walking streets and charming shops, and a farewell lunch on our final day, at the restaurant of a first class chef, with a view like none other.


DAY THIRTEEN:  Saturday, September 24

See previous day's comments...

With a trans-Atlantic flight on deck, we will do the very minimum with vehicles and leave all with as much free time as possible to enjoy one of the most beautiful destinations in the world...  You will most certainly concur.



DAY FOURTEEN:  Sunday, September 25

We'll have a very early checkout and drive the two and a half hours to the Munich airport for you to catch your flight home.




- Full price of this tour is $4,750 (single supplement/occupancy is an additional $1,250)*.
- $2,000 is due by 30 April 2022 ($2625 if you want single supplement/occupancy). 
- Final balance of $2,750 is due 1 August 2022 ($3375 for single supplement/occupancy).
- Payment methods accepted: Check, credit card, PayPal** 


- Twelve nights in 4 or 5 star hotels with all breakfasts and four dinners included.
- All ground transportation from arrival meeting point at Paris, to the departure point in Munich.
- One to two full-time tour guides for the duration of this twelve-day tour, with the possibility of guest guides for specific sites/topics (schedule dependent).
- All listed events in the upcoming itinerary (museum entrance fees, etc.)


Your airfare, all lunches and dinners not listed in the itinerary, trip insurance, and any additional purchases or excursions you choose during your free time.


* Tour price is based on double occupancy.  For pairs of friends wanting separate beds, we will have this arranged at all hotels where possible.  In a few instances, you may be in a more traditional European bed that consists of two separate mattresses and blankets, on one large platform.  You'll survive...  (or we can bring a shovel for you to dig your own authentic foxhole outside).  

** Use of PayPal requires an up charge of 4% to the base tour price to cover PayPal fees.

Final Points:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We'll directly assist everyone with their flight bookings as well, for we know how to secure great rates, intelligent flight routes, and we want a coordinated arrival and departure time for everyone traveling.  
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