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Funky Cold Medina

April 1, 2013

I love taking Americans to Germany...  


It's strange too, because many of them start opening up about having German heritage - almost as though it is a source of embarrassment.  


I know my history.  I know Germany history and culture runs far deeper than a party and movement that was spawned out of the Great Depression and national shame and frustration, too.  


My friend kept saying "Barvaria" instead of "Bavaria."  Me and my ever-inclined-to-teach self immediately corrected him.


"Jason, it's Ba-var-ia...  It's not 'Bar-Var-ia,' you barbarian!" I chided.


"Listen man," he fired back in his brilliant Kentucky drawl, "where the hell am I from?" he demanded


"Kentucky!" I replied.


"Right, dumb ass...  and how do we say the nation's capital?" he smugly asked.


"Warshington..." I mumbled, and we both started laughing.


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