Our company is in a rather amusing position:  we offer private and group travel - for people who don't like group travel.  


But this has nothing to do with any aversion to traveling with several people...  It is because we share the well-regarded opinion that many group travel experiences simply fall short of many hopes and expectations.  We have no interest in "chicken or fish" group dinners or a schedule that doesn't permit personal interests and adventures.  There can be a healthy balance.  We've done it repeatedly...


Well-versed in a broad array of disciplines, we are a team of perpetual students.  We are always striving to learn more and more from the places we visit, the great friends and colleagues we have there, and our own multi-national make-up and knowledge.  


We seek out the places that the locals frequent - for they know their country best of all.  We create tours that cover all aspects of a host culture, no matter the predominant theme.  Big group military history tours cover the battlefields well, but then fall completely short with food knowledge and local customs.  Wine tours bypass major historical sites that are a stone's throw from the vineyards.  


Culture, history, and cuisine are tied to one another, and we don't view any of them independently.  You won't either after one of our tours.  We know our subjects intimately - and have a resume to prove it.


Large group tours often mean a cheaper price.  But here's the riddle.  You may have saved money, but did you really have an experience that was worth it?  You may well come home with a lot of photos, but you'll skip out on the intimacy and the personal connections that will keep those memories alive forever.


You can also end up spending more when going it alone.  Knowing the short-cuts, the cheaper fares, the local discounts and practices that many tourists miss out on is a critical service that we offer.  We've put in the time to master these places and the way to travel to them.  Let us help you and allow you to focus on the beauty of your trip instead of getting tangled in logistics and bad travel planning.


The beauty of our approach is this:  you set your budget.  We'll make it work for you without undercutting the purpose of your trip.  


You're a couple, and you want a private tour?  Great.  You have 12 people, and you want to do a themed tour, with other special gems added in?  Super.  You can't afford a guided tour, but you want our help in putting together a future trip?  No problem at all.  We've done it all.

If you're traveling in mixed company, you're dealing with a varied set of expectations and interests.  We have the knowledge to meet all of them realistically.  We have a practice that works extremely well:  we build in free time to allow for personal adventures and experiences.  It works.  All groups, even down to the size of a couple, tend to want a bit of time for themselves...  a church they read about in a favorite book, a store that sells some rare item they've wanted for years.  We'll help you find it.


You've paid good money to travel.  You should be given an experience that suits your preferences - while allowing us to surprise you and give you some new ones.


Our driving force is not profit.  It is excellence...  it is the satisfaction of putting together an authentic tour which you will appreciate and compare against all others.  We do NOT work on commission.  That is the reason so many tours offered by the majors miss the mark.


We set a reasonable fee, and our incentive is strictly tied to you having the experience of a lifetime.

We have zero interest in putting you in a hotel that you could find in Houston or Chicago.  We don't do big corporate deals with hotel chains or restaurant groups for a very obvious reason.  They lack authenticity.  We have found nuggets in hotels and dining spots, all through exploration and at the suggestion of our local contacts.  We are close friends with the owners and chefs who run them.  We love what they offer, and they always look after us and give us something extra, because they know how much we respect and appreciate them.